Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Lashes and Wig

Ok I have come to the conclusion that I am a TERRIBLE blogger, lol. I just found that I enjoy reading blogs more than actually writing them. I may pop in here and there but no promises. I'd hate to break a promise ;)


This is not a post about my insane lack of posting. I was sent some lashes and a wig to review from KKCenter HK. It's an online company based in Honk Kong and they sell makeup and other items, in addition to lashes and hairpieces/wigs. Being that this is an international company, expect to wait at least a month for you're stuff. It's just like orderin 120 palettes from ebay... but I'll get to that later.

I received an email from Maggie and she allowed me to chose the LLS brand lashes in style A2 and a synthetic unit 6302A in a #2. The lashes are not human hair to my knowledge, but they are very natural looking (not too shiny) and you get 10 in a pack. I had all the prices and things written down somewhere but it went missing :( and the site is down so I may come back and edit that info in... but remember what I said about promises, LOL.

The wig was a nicely constructed unit. It's a typical wrap style that I know for a fact I can make myself for cheaper though. They have some very nice styles and even some offered with 100% Human Hair but the prices are a bit ridic for the HH units. If I remember correctly one was priced at close to $300... I'm not even paying that much for a FULL LACE unit from a CV so that is just beyond me.

I ended up giving the unit to my friend who just had a baby and needed something to throw on her head (LOL that sounds so funny) but it looked just as good, if not better on her! She said it's holding up pretty well. As much as you can expect from any synthetic unit.

All in all it is a great place for lashes! However I am soooo impatient I don't think I could order from them. Pictures below! See you guys next time! And until then, stay glam!! <3

Below photos are NOT the KK unit but the lashes were used in this St Patty's FOTD :)

They ARE very natural looking :)
To check out the site click HERE