Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't call it a COMEBACK!

WOW! Last update August 2009?!?! That's terrible! Hopefully things will be better in 2010... even thought it's almost March and I'm just now posting a blog entry. Yikes.

I have a little bit more time to post now that Karma is older (15 months now!) but not enough time to make videos yet. I'm like a noob all over again. I have to ease back into this whole thing.

After looking at my photos from a year ago, when I first started doing makeup, I realized how much I've learned since then! I'm better at blending, placement, and just application in general. SOOOOOO... I'm going to start re-doing my old looks. Not a lot. I wrote down 10 that I'll be doing over again. All of them with Glamour Doll Eyes, which I am now a rep for!!! WHOOO!!! LOL That only means I now sell GDE. I don't get paid any extra to mention or use the products & I have to buy my own shit still, so FTC can kiss my ass.

Thank you Vanessa for the opportunity!

Ok anywho. I probably won't do them all back to back. I'll mix in a few new looks (both GDE & NON GDE) & reviews... tags. All that good stuff. Maybe even a few hauls?? Hmmm who's to say really. LOL

Stay GLAM!

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