Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Experiments

If you guys know me, or have been following me for a while, you know I am still learning. Of course in any type of service industry you SHOULD always be learning, but you know what I mean... I don't call myself a "makeup artist" because I still have some things to learn and/or perfect. I found a nice Halloween kit at CVS that retails for $5.99 but was on sale for $3! I had to get it so I could try some stuff. That being said here are a couple attempts at Halloween creepiness lol.

First was the creepy clown/ Joker look.

I wasn't too happy with this one, but my brother & his friend LOVED it. So I wiped it off and then did this look:

I started out with just the 3 scratches/scars and then just kept adding, LOL. I'm actually really proud of this look because I've never done anything like this at all. And I used eyelash adhesive to create the wounds!

The little kit came with fake blood so I added that in the end. I wish I took pics of the process because I never thought it would turn out like this :) Oh and that fake blood, btw, is so nasty & salty. BLEH! I don't know how they expect people to put it in their mouths. No way Jose.

What are you doing for Halloween?

stay.GLAM. (or creepy lol)

2 Opinions:

KRIS said...

WOW! Really nice job. I'm sooo excited for halloween i don't think I want to do anything creepy though lol

Lola B. said...

Eek, so creepy! Good job lol!