Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year!!! My 2010 Holiday Recap (Pic Heavy)

Ummm..... 17 days later ;)

Hopefully everyone's whole holiday season was enjoyable! Mine was, although it had an added touch of bittersweetness. I have a few photos to post from that whole time. Some from my 25th birthday, some from New Year's Eve. I definitely didn't go anywhere NYE. I was one of those girls who did her makeup just to sit in the house LOL. So while this post is random in it's timing, it is also just.... random!

 So let's start with my 25th birthday! I went out to dinner twice (yummy!) mainly because the original big dinner I had planned got a little complicated for a few people. So I just relocated it and my mom decided she wanted to take me out to dinner as well on the actual night of my bday, which was a Tuesday, BLEH!

I'm glad she did because we went to Maggiano's and I've been dying to go there ever since we were supposed to go for my Uncle's 60th birthday.

This dessert was sooooo good! I loved the long candles :)

Karma trying to blow out my candles!

Close up: Chocolate profiteroles and peppermint ice cream!

My mom & me posing before we left!

THEN that weekend I went to Hampton to have my dinner at Bonefish Grill. I had never been there either and my sis later thanked me for making everyone try something new and "step out of the box"

My blue smokey eye!

 I also did my friend Jessica's makeup in addition to my own & my sis's too!

Bang Bang Shrimp!! This dish is AMAZING if you go to Bonefish, try it!

My Hypnotiq Martini :) the glowstick made it really cool & didn't stop glowing for 2 days lol

This is my fav pic of the night! We all lined up to take this pic at the end of dinner :)

My bday was definitely the highlight of my holiday season! What was yours?


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