Friday, January 21, 2011

Review & Swatches: Sedona Lace 28 neutral palette

FINALLY!!! I got my 28 neutral palette! Lol, I've wanted this palette for a looooong time, and now I have it :) You can get this palette from numerous websites, including ebay, which is usually the cheapest. I received mine as part of my Secret Santa Swap package. It was purchased from Sedona Lace, who has wonderful customer service!

Keep Reading for swatches!

Ok so a lot of the shadows in this palette are indeed chalky. But I see them working on beauties of lighter skin tones as lid colors or even as highlights for a few WOC. The deeper shades are very pretty. My favorite is a deep sparkly burgundy shade (The last shadow in row 1). There is a nice mix of shimmer and matte with a few glittery shadows as well, which helps if you want to create a look with just one palette.

You can see in a few of the pictures, my palette looks a bit "ashy". That's just what happens as you use it. I'm sure when I wipe it down it won't look as bad. So far the actual palette is intact. My Coastal Scents 78 palette (or is it 72??) broke the 2nd day. So we'll see *crosses fingers*

Row 1 *natural light*

Row 2 *flash*

Row 2 *natural light*

Row 3 *flash*

Row 3 *natural light*

Row 4 *flash*

Row 4 *natural light*

*For reference I am in the NC/NW 45 range and swatches were done dry over concealer

All in all it's a pretty decent palette. I'd give it a 3/5.
Do any of you have this palette? What are you're thoughts on it?


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trinity said...

very nice... thanks for the post! i'm thinking of getting this and the blush palette... :)