Monday, January 17, 2011

Transformations: Random Fam Makeover!

Hey guys! I'm back with another MUA related post. I'm still on my freelancing journey, and while it's not kicking off as great as I would like, I still have people who let me just sit them in a chair and doodle on their face ;)

This is my younger cousin who I've been trying to get my hands on for a while now! She reminds me so much of myself lol (cliche) Anywho I just did something very neutral on her with a pop of purple.

She's such a goof LOL. I can't remember which foundation(s) I used on her because I had to mix but it evened her out nicely, I think. She has extremely dry skin that kept flaking during the application process, even after washing and moisturizing, so I learned a few new tricks to deal with it!

Next time she comes over, I'm attacking those brows ;)


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