Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Cry for HELP!

About a month ago, one of my cousin's friends was in a hair/fashion show. I had no knowledge of the show really until about the week before! As soon as I found out, though I jumped into networking mode and started asking questions about if they needed makeup done. It was a show for a bunch of different groups of people, not just one specific business/company. So needless to say, I had missed out.

The day before the show my she contacted me on Facebook asking if I could do her makeup! Aaannnd we all know I said yes! Duh, lol. Come to find out the MUA they had lined up flaked so the group leader was stuck doing everyone's makeup day of. We discussed the concept when she was en route to my house and so I didn't have time to really plan out a look. More like "let's just go with the flow" kinda deal. She said the group leader wanted each girl to have 2 colors (determined by their outfits) and so my girl was assigned pink & silver. I was like ok that's simple enough. I thought she was gonna say something off the wall!

Then came the curve ball... they had to have a white or silver stripe down the center of their lips. Uuuhhh... ok. I did it though lol. Not gonna lie it could have been better but eh... practice ;) Any tips on how to make a cleaner line? I'm all ears!

Here is what I did:

Hehe her hair wasn't quite finished so we kept it under wraps. Here she is backstage at the show:

I wish I remembered all of what I used on her.. but u know... Mommy brain and all! Of course, being last minute we were rushing like crazy, LOL. She was happy with the results, which made me happy. Before she left I gave her a big stack of my business cards ;)


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glossandsticks said...

Very Nice. I love the pink! U definitely have skills. I found your blog through a RT by Lala. I'm following u through GFC and adding you to my reader.

Beauty Addict said...

oh, she looks lovely! Well done!

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Drea J. said...

Thank you ladies!