Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love at First Swatch: Pigments Loose vs. Pressed

Here are swatches of the pigments loose & pressed to show comparison. Not too much chatter in this post, LOL too many pictures and I would hate to bore you all! *Swatched dry with no primer/base to show the true shade.

Here is the palette after I replaced Oddity & Tattooed
Top: Her Revenge, Jailhouse Jumpsuit, Skinny Jeans, Blueberry Lush
Middle: Just Bitten, Electric Lemonade, Immature, Fexi Girl (Harajuku Hunnies)
Bottom: Incognito, Bare Naked, Chocoholic, Secretive

Her Revenge

Click the shadow names for more info & color descriptions! Some of them didn't really change much! The overall result is pigmentation increase in all of them. Shadows like Jailhouse Jumpsuit, Electric Lemonade, Secretive and Blueberry Lush are more sheer looking when compared to their pressed counterparts. Her Revenge still looks the same, as well as Immature. Bare Naked had some golden undertones brought out, making it look more like a foiled pigment when applied. The one I'm really excited about is my Fexi Girl pigment from Harajuku Hunnies. It's more intense, but not in a color changing sort of way if that makes sense. There is no before & after of Skinny Jeans because I used a baggie sample & there was non left in loose form for comparison.

I ordered 2 more palettes and pans to press the rest of my pigments (the non-mattes)

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