Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pigment Pressing = LOVE

I love pigments... I love how they apply, and I love working with them, although some people don't. Another thing is I'm drawn to pressed shadows that act like pigments... you know the ones that people complain are too soft and have too much fallout. Yeah I'm weird like that, LOL.

I really wanted to press my pigments, so that they would be easier to store, travel with, and most importantly use on others. I love doing makeup on others and although I do not title myself as a MUA, I still think it's important to follow proper sanitation steps, don't you agree ;)

Pressing my favorite piggies into pans allow better cleaning for me. And since a lot of what I do on others tends to lean more towards bright & fun, I can trust that these shadows will work for that. Instead of rushing out and buying something new *cough cough SUGARPILL* , I stifled those urges by instead ordering a pressing kit from Beauty From the Earth (BFTE). The kit was only $18 and comes with a 2oz bottle of their pressing medium, a 12 pan MAGNETIC empty palette (with pans), a 10 gram jar, spatula, and a pressing disc. Only thing you really need is a cool fabric to press the pigments, if you care what they look like. I just used the little organza bag the items came in. That was cute enough for me!

The directions provided suggest you work with a consistency of a crumbly texture, that holds together. I went with Cora aka VintageorTacky's "cake batter" method found HERE. It just worked better for me :)

Here is the finished palette:

These are actually all Glamour Doll shadows. Most of my piggies came from there... yeah yeah I know I'm branching out lol
Top Row: Her Revenge, Jailhouse Jumpsuit, Oddity*, Blueberry Lush
Middle Row: Just Bitten, Electric Lemonade, Immature, Tattooed*
Bottom Row: Incognito, Bare Naked, Chocoholic, Secretive
*Oddity and Tattooed had to be scrapped because they both contain matte pigment which does not make for a good pressed shadow. I replaced them with Skinny Jeans (GDE) and Fexi Girl (Harajuku Hunnies) which I'm actually glad I did, because Fexi Girl pressed is pure LOVE!

I've officially become a pigment pressing addict. I plan on pressing the rest of my GDE, and any other pigments I order in the future are getting pressed as well! I'm debating on if I will press my HN piggies I just got. If I do I'll probably have to get another set just for pressing. I will do swatches of the shadows before and after in another post. Along with a picture of the palette as it is now. Below is the aftermath lol... not too bad.


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ambersaurus said...

I totally need to try pressing my pigments!