Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love at First Swatch: Heavenly Naturals

After much procrastination, I finally ordered some shadows from Heavenly Naturals! I've seen plenty of looks done with them by QueenBMakeup, and have heard plenty of praises sung by the Fexies and a few other people I am subbed to on youtube. I asked for recommendations on Twitter (what would we do without it lol) and got a lot of great suggestions... too many actually. I was looking at swatches, videos, tutorials, blog posts, FOTD's... everything & every suggestion made me want to buy it all. But of course... being one of limited fundage, I can't really do that. LOL it would take the fun out of ordering makeup anyway if I could, but that's another story for another day...

I decided on the Peacock Collection, added it to my cart, hit pay now with paypal and typed in my addy before I could go back and change my mind. It took about a week and a half to arrive, which I thought would be sooner, but I'm not trippin. The owner is having a little baby girl and I've never really been one to get my panties bunched for what others may consider slow shipping. (Except for that one time... -_-) Again, another story... yadda yadda.

Enough jibber jabber... ON TO THE SWATCHES!!

*My digital camera is no longer in my possession so until it is replaced, all swatches, fotd's and such will be taken with my HTC Hero camera.*

Swatches done dry, no base, with a q-tip:

Under Vanity Lighting

Top Row l-r: Dragon, Siren, Pandora's Box, Virtue, Sea Beam
Bottom: Temptation, Twilight, Intrigue, Courtship, Peacock

Natural lighting

I also received two samples in Couture (which was a suggested color that I didn't order) and New Mexico Sunset.

Vanity Lighting:
L-R: Couture, New Mexico Sunset

Natural Lighting:

I can't wait to use these shadows! They are so amazingly gorgeous & pigmented! You can purchase Heavenly Naturals here:
And see many of them in action here:


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